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The Guardiola Family

Taft, CA


Hi! Thanks for checking out this page that was made for the new Mommy and Daddy to sweet Maddyn Steele. On March 4th Bailee was rushed into an emergency c section and at 4:20 pm sweet Maddyn Steele Guardiola was born. To try to make things easier for them when they get home I have made this meal train so they can get home and get as comfortable as possible especially with bailee having to heal.

Special Notes

Bailee is NOT a fan of pizza as most of us know.. and Rico is not a fan of China one. If you would like to make a home cooked meal for them that would be amazing as well. If you do so please txt before arriving and please set the food by the door in the basket just incase they are busy with Maddyn.

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