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Meal Train for the New Luka Family

Juneau, AK


Hi Juneau fam! Susil had the wonderful idea to start a meal train for Lia and her family for the first month or so that her baby is here. For now, we have the sign up starting May 10th, but if baby comes sooner I will add more days. We've set it up so that we're delivering meals every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Lia's number is 907-209-5241 Her address is 9352 Stephen Richards Memorial Dr. Please sign up for whenever you are available and would like to bring Lia and her family a meal ( remember to plan a meal for 4 people! )

Special Notes

If at all possible, use a dish/container that can be thrown away after Lia's family is done using it. Think Styrofoam or single use tin casserole dishes. We don't want to burden her with a large amount of food containers. It'll be difficult to track down who the dish belongs to and cause unnecessary work for Lia. Our mission is to make her life easier, not harder! If you're not the best chef, order them something and have it delivered to their house! Pizza, burgers, chinese.... There are a number of food delivery apps available in Juneau. No one in Lia's family has any food allergies, and she also mentioned that there aren't any foods we should avoid, so the options are endless. Please wear a mask! Also, please no sick visitors. If you have any doubts, call first. Thank you!

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