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Love for Danielle & Hannah Stallings

Fort Walton, FL


Danielle is a single mother who is undergoing cancer treatment while working full-time at Northwest Florida Ballet. Her young teen is amazing. She is so strong and supportive of her mother. Danielle is a bit stubborn, as many of you know, and it is difficult for her to ask for help. Let's not give her the option of asking for help, but let's surround her with love and support!

Special Notes

Hannah loves Chic Fil-A, Zaxbys, Panda Express, Legos, Gymnastic, and Harry Potter. Danielle loves Sunflowers, the beach, and just spending time with her daughter. Danielle and Hannah are about to take on a puppy that was given to Hannah by one of Danielle's coworkers. They will be working with him to get him to be Hannah's emotional support dog.

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