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Kim’s Cancer Chapter


All of us go through different chapters in life. Some fun, happy chapters, and some chapters that we want to omit or skip over. Kim Holt is now in one of those chapters no one wants to be in, and she needs love and support from all of us to help make the burden of being a single mom battling Stage 4 Colon Cancer a little less. Kim is getting ready to start treatments for her cancer very soon, but is already recovering from surgery to remove the mass in her body. As you may know, Kim is a single mom that lives with her two young boys, JD and Dakota. Meals, gift cards to local eateries, and even basic household goods will be needed for her and the boys as she will likely be out of work for quite a while during her treatments. If you feel led to help, please sign up for an available date on the calendar! If you prefer to donate monetary support instead of a meal or gift card, we can organize getting that support to her.

Care Calendar