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Meals for Ed, Denise, Eddie and Ryan

San Marcos, CA


Ed was diagnosed with tongue cancer in mid June and will be starting chemo and radiation. They will be laying low to prevent further health risk or delays. They are remaining optimistic, faithful, and strong as it's a 90-98% recovery rate. Ed is in good spirits, but has difficulty speaking and eating due to the pain. Your ongoing encouragement to Ed, good vibes, prayers, love, and support would be greatly appreciated during these tough weeks ahead.

Special Notes

Notes for Ed: -no black pepper, spicy seasoning, or spicy food -no raw food, needs to be cooked throughout -Ed is lactose intolerant, but can have minimal dairy. Will still eat ice cream, occasional milk products. -soft foods like soups, bean burritos, steamed vegetables like zucchini, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, pastas, fish, mashed potatoes, jello without fruit in it, pudding, etc. -still eating skinless chicken, turkey meat, seafood, thin meat

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