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Bethesda, MD


Hello people who love Teresa and Joe! Thank you so much for helping with meals as they care for their boys John Paul and new baby Judah Michael. You can drop off meals, and if you would like to come inside, Teresa and Joe are asking people where masks for these first six weeks while Judah develops his immune system. Feel free to send grubhub or other giftcards, too, if that's an easier way for you to help! Please note the dietary restrictions below, we of course don't want mama T getting sick right now. Front door of building is always open, just come up to our door. Preferred drop off time: 3-5:30pm, but any time is ok. Just text Teresa to let her know your ETA 301-802-7559

Special Notes

As you may know, Teresa has some dietary restrictions. (Joe and John Paul do not, so feel free to bring a few things for just the boys). Teresa can not eat: Corn, nuts, garlic, and dairy (including butter) Things that should be limited but don't have to be 100% avoided: Avocado, carrots, spinach, onion coconut, oranges, pineapple, oats, quinoa, soy, sunflower turkey

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