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Kate's Care Team

Alpharetta, GA


One day I was sitting on the couch and felt 2 nodules on the back of my neck, knowing they were lymph nodes and realizing ‘it’s been a couple months I’ve had these and no illness to fight’ Call the PCP, she got an ultrasound and after what felt like 50 more tests....cancer. Follicular Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to be exact. My oncologist said it may have been growing for a couple years. So good news, it’s a slow grower.  We Halls have had a-lot of challenges in recent years with my daughter’s chronic illnesses and conditions, so this felt like divine punishment. But, I’m starting to see the bright sides of a lot of things and this has really helped me live in the present.  We are so appreciative of everyone’s offer to help,  so We are putting up this page. If cancer has shown me anything, it is how kind people are and Im a really lucky girl.  

Special Notes

Will put treatment dates on calendar, so dinners n those nights is great (take out/delivery/homemade-anything is wonderful!!   Love pretty much everything except fish and allergy to eggplant ... other than that, we good!   Unfortunately, due to Covid and my immune system destroyed by chemo, can’t have any visitors.... as much as I would love it! 

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