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Support Tai and Danridge as they support baby Ziba


Tai brought beautiful Ziba into the world at 25 weeks premature due to severe preeclampsia and anemia. Due to preeclampsia and anemia, Ziba was unable to get the nutrients she needed to continue growing. After a trip to the emergency room, Tai was monitored for 12 hours. She was woken to an air mask and her doctor letting her know that a c-section was needed due to Ziba's heart not beating. Ziba arrived, perfect and doing the rest of her growing in the NICU. Tai and Danridge are looking at a minimum 2-month stay for Ziba. Ziba's arrival was unexpected which has made taking off work abrupt. There is no kitchen in the NICU, and ordering food has been adding up costs. Any support around food, gift cards for food, or $ are welcome and needed.

Special Notes

We will be leaving a cooler outside of our house for meals that we can heat up either at home or the hospital. We are more than open to having food delivered to us at the hospital.

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