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Baby Leo's Early Arrival & Rachael's Preeclampsia

Windsor, CO


We are using this site to keep family and friends updated in one place about my condition and the status of little baby Laughlin. We appreciate your support and prayers. On February 22nd at my 28 week prenatal appointment, it was discovered that I was showing symptoms of preeclampsia. Baby L was growing and doing well, but my blood pressure was high, I had elevated levels in my lab work, and I was retaining a lot of fluid. On March 4th I returned for another visit and my blood pressure had increased to the point of being sent to the hospital by my doctor. Once arriving at Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland (the hospital I was planning on delivering at in 12 weeks) I was immediately given medication to lower my severe blood pressure, Magnesium Sulfate to prevent me from having a seizure, and a Betamethasone steroid shot to help mature the baby's lungs. I spent only 90 minutes at this hospital before they transported me to Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins to seek further care and possible delivery of a 29 week baby. I was admitting into a delivery room at Poudre Valley Hospital where baby and I would be monitored for the next 48 hours. The ER team had to cut off my wedding ring because my hands were too swollen to remove it. I was transitioned to an oral BP medication and taken off magnesium on Saturday the 13th, and by Sunday the 14th my blood pressure levels were reasonable enough to transfer me to a room in the women's care unit for the rest of my stay until it was time to deliver baby. The doctors have a goal of getting me to 34 weeks to deliver, which should be possible as long as my BP levels stay reasonable and I don't develop other severe symptoms or baby begins to decline. Once baby arrives, he will be cared for in an amazing Level III NICU and hopefully taken home in May. At this point, we are grateful for each day that brings us closer to April 5th (34 weeks) and being able to meet our little boy. **UPDATE** Baby Leo was born a healthy 4lbs 8oz on Sunday, March 28th! He is doing well in the NICU so far, learning how to be a strong baby while not needing any oxygen or much other assistance at this point! He is being fed through a NG tube, but will start learning how to eat in the next few weeks. We are so in love with our little man, he has completely stolen our hearts and we couldn't imagine a better blessing!

Special Notes

The hospital is only allowing 2 visitors a day, Trevor counting as 1 of 2. Rest is the best thing for me and baby right now.

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