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Supporting the Windsors

Tulsa, OK


Some of you may remember Dona & Geoff Windsor. Their son Geoffrey graduated from Metro in 2018 and Henry was at Metro through his freshman year and is now at Riverfield. Dona and the boys lost Geoff last week. Dona, Henry and Geoffery need our love, support and prayers! We would like to bless this family with meals, meal gift cards or flowers and cards. If you feel led to participate, their preferences and dietary restrictions are listed below.

Special Notes

Please note the following when planning meals: Dona is gluten / dairy free They love Gluten free pasta dishes, steak, shrimp kabobs and Asian Food. I.e.) Pei Wei, Charleston's Henry and Geoffery are big fans of Asian cuisine Grub Hub is a great choice if you are not a fan of cooking! For Snacks - basic items that will last for the week are a great idea! Bulk nuts, crackers, fresh fruit - simply put in a bag. Delivery options: Deliver directly to porch (4709 S. Victor Ave). Please make sure to include your name on your dish. Deliver to Jennifer Long at Metro by 2 pm and she will deliver for you If you wish to Venmo - @Henry-Windsor-1

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