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Love, Support, and help feed the Niemi/Stinnett family

Tillamook, OR


The Stinnett/Niemi family hasn't been able to catch a break here's a little run down.. as some may know Adan Niemi was taken by ambulance over a week ago here to Portland Dornbecher Hospital after they have discovered a mass in his chest when he had passed out on the way home from school 2 weeks ago they have done testing and Biopsy and we wait for rest of the biopsy results so far they believe he has a type of cancer just trying to pinpoint what one he will be having surgery Friday morning and will remain here about a week after that for recovery unless plans change depending on biopsy results he gets pretty borad as he's not allowed to leave the children's Cancer unit and there isn't much here for teenagers to do so.... the address is 700 SW Campus Dr, Portland, OR 97239 floor 10south room 18 for Adan Niemi ZELLE and Insta cart IS: 503 801 7939 Also insta cart will deliver stuff here too he said he likes Art stuff Diamond art and Lego sets painting anything to help keep him busy over next 2 weeks. On top of this mom Andrea stinnett and father Jacob Stinnett found out some information. About there precious baby girl Now at 25 week scan Wednesday we learned that we will be delivering in the next 2-6 weeks as they found out baby girl also now has Fetal Growth Restriction and isn't getting enough blood flow from the placenta to her so once we deliver she will be in the NICU and us living 2 hours away will be staying in a motel close by if we can afford it to be close to her if something may happen we wanna be there. So anything helps right now to be able to keep bills paid as well as pay for lodging the hospital will pay for 2 nights a week at the motel but we will need more then that. As some of u may or may not know we recently found out in our 21 week of pregnancy that our daughter has issues with her spine as of developing they are believing is scoliosis as well as her legs to where she has no lower legs and her femur bone is very short and she will definitely need some surgeries and physical therapy after birth as well as me having high risk monitoring and lotta more testing thru the rest of pregnancy witch is going to be causing us to see a Dr every 2weeks and those will be at OHSU hospital that is almost 2 hours away from us and also will be missing days of work for income we will most likely need some help to keep bills cought up as well as gas to get to n from if you haven't followed this far Mom Andrea is at doernbechers children's hospital with Adan while Dad Jacob is back home in Tillamook working his butt off holding things down at home and caring for the 4 other children at home. Even if you can't afford to financially help this family maybe you can make them a meal to relieve dad of some stress while holding down fort or later when mom and Adan are home so both mom and Adan can rest/heal/ and prepare for the baby.

Special Notes

This is a family of 2 adults and 5 children ranging from teenage boys down to one girly princess.(soon to be 2 princess)

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