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Damaris Ilene Leza We are family, NO ONE fights alone.

San Antonio, TX


Hello Friends and Family, we have started this page because our sister (young wife and mother) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has initiated the battle to overcome it. We believe the Lord is with them and He will bring them through it victoriously in Jesus name. 🙌🏼. In the mean time, we are coming together as family, friends and community to support and make a difference in their lives during this difficult season. We are coming together through this venue to generously pour some TLC (tender loving care). You may send love offerings (monetary donations, purchase gift cards), sign up to cook home made meals or assistance with errands, home or their children at your convenience. I know they’d greatly appreciate it as my brother in law is not only caring for his wife and children but having to manage numerous things that involve family life, work responsibilities and the financial hardship cancer treatments bring as my sister has not been able to return to her work life right now. I know this isn’t something they’d be comfortable asking for or expect, but I’ve seen them compassionately love, give and lend a helping hand to many, so as they face this difficult journey, we kindly ask if you’d rally together with us to help care for them during their time of need. ♥️ Love is active and I know many times we’d like to take action but we don’t know how. For those who’d like to bless and assist them, this page will make it easier to coordinate and follow through with our commitment. Here you will find their direct money tag, list of meals, errands or care needed so we can better serve them. As they trust the Lord through this difficult process and journey, they and we THANK YOU in advance for your love, heartfelt faith, prayers, kind words of encouragement, and wishes. God bless. 🙏🏼 The Lord is their rock, their fortress, and their helper; they put their trust in God, for he gives them strength; he is their protector and by his power, he saves them. He will be forever their refuge." Psalms 18:2. 🪨💪🛡️💥🫂

Special Notes

No known allergens at the moment other than lactose free items for my sister. Any cancer survivors in the group - help us with meal suggestions. Minimum doses of carbs and sugars for Jerry and Damaris. Preferably healthy meal options. They live in a gated community, you will have to contact me in advance so I may provide you with code. Please no sick visitors. A thousand times.. Thank you in advance!!

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