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Help my house!

Braddock, PA


My house was flooded from burst pipes and is in the process of drying out. If you can help I will be so grateful, show up for you when you need me and would even pay you cash money if thst feels right to you. I am planning a trip back ASAP to get things squared away for final but my family is still in MN for the time being so I need help checking in on the house day to day until I can get back. I am hoping to move back to this house when I come back to Pgh in the summer. I need help by checking in on it, sending me pictures of any mold that might be starting, emptying and sending me the dehumidifier readings, and being sure the furnace is on and working. Calling me while you are in the house there might be the easiest way. There is a key hidden outside- if tou don't know where already text me and I'll let you know and - opening and closing the door is a little sticky so just be sure it is actually locked when you leave. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Special Notes

There is a motion light that should turn on when you walk up to the house. There is a light switch on the far left wall when you walk in, or to the right just on the left side of the doorway to the utility room. You can leave that utility room light on if it isn't otherwise. There is a light with a timer in the living room upstairs but the switches on the wall opposite the top of the stairs will be the best first lights if none are on.

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