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Celebrating the Hampton Twins

Detroit, MI


We are overjoyed to share that Sony and Hilliard welcomed a healthy baby boy and baby girl on Friday, March 12th. Everyone is doing great and both babies are healthy with the baby boy weighing in at 6lbs 4 oz and the baby girl coming in at 6lbs 9oz. Both have long limbs at 19.25".  As the family prepares to head home and take on the challenge of caring for three under 2, let's rally around them to at the very least make sure they stay well stocked with baby goods and yummy eats. This Give InKind page was create as a hub for organizing care and support for the newly-expanded Hampton family. Please use this page to help us coordinate getting meals, gifts, and care to the Hamptons! We have a schedule for delivering or sending food and even staple grocery and pantry items. Feel free to claim a spot or two! We also connected their Amazon wishlist if you would like to send gifts. 

Special Notes

They are not accepting visitors at this time. If you are able to drop off a meal, please plan to do so in a contactless way. Having food delivered/door dashed/etc is preferred/ welcomed!

Care Calendar