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Mandys Fight with Lymphoma


Im a 39 year old ( well for 16 more days) female who hasnt had an easy life, I fight everyday to do normal tasks that comes easily to others. There always seems to be a opposing negative force that prevents me from getting on my feet or just to be happy in general . There are 30 hurrdles i gotta jump to complete any minor task that anyone else can do in a breeze. however I stay strong and persevere. Well this time Im not sure I can or want to do that. I dont have a supportive family or people to support me through this cancer, so this may be the thing that takes me down. Im already homeless after identity rocked my world and i lost everything and Ive been fighting to bounce back from that for awhile now. anyways i saw this and thought id give it a shot because well honestly I need all the help i can get. It will take a miracle...and God knows I need one... but honestly i feel that this will lead to no help like anything else I've tried...that opposing force... but I hope and pray Im wrong... Im just a girl trying to make it in this world all alone and now for the fight of my life. God Bless you all.

Special Notes

I will try to get photos of my neck on here as soon as I charge. my phone

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