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Meal Train for Kristy and Luke Tapp

Billings, MT


Kristy and Luke have welcomed their baby boy Jameson! We all know how exciting and challenging the first few weeks can be with a newborn so let’s help support them with a meal train.

Special Notes

Kristy and Luke Tapp 1709 Walter Creek Blvd Billings, MT 59101 Kristy’s Cell: (406) 855-6775 Drop off at Kristy and Luke’s house anytime. Please call/text ahead to schedule delivery and to notify of arrival. Please no knocking or ringing of the doorbell to avoid alerting their dog. If you wish to stay and visit during drop off, the new family is requesting a 30+ minutes notice. Thanks for your support! Dietary restrictions: NO nuts, cauliflower, broccoli, or spicy foods. Please be light on dairy items. The new parents are not picky when it comes to food (Besides the few dietary restrictions listed above) and wish to thank everyone for any and all help for their new family.

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