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The Sidders Meal Train - Share your Love!

Argyle, TX


This meal train supports the Sidders as they celebrate the birth of their beautiful angel girl, Madelyn Ferne Sidders! Our hope is to make Kim and Sean's first few weeks a little bit easier as they adjust to parenthood and all of its joys ( & pains - like no sleep, ha!) Being hangry (hungry & angry) is REAL & we want to avoid this at all cost! Thank you for your support, it is so very appreciated!

Special Notes

Kim & Sean welcome homemade, store bought or restaurant delivered meals including gift cards. Please see below for a few of their favorites & close to home options. A few favorites: - Chick-Fil-A - Chipotle - Coolgreens - Cava - In-N-Out - Jersey Mikes - Mi Cocina - Great Harvest Bread Co - Modern Market While Kim & Sean cannot wait to share their bundle of joy with each of you, please respect their time by limiting phone calls & texts. However, please feel free to text Sean (951) 970-8584 or Kim (951) 545-4584 regarding any updates/needed information on the days you have signed up to provide a meal.

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