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Meal-train love for Krista & TJ!

Mountlake Terrace, WA


What is one thing we all have in common? How much we love the Lynam family <3 Help us sprinkle Krista and TJ with love and food, so they can focus on loving and feeding the newest baby Lynam and little miss June. Go ahead and sign up for a day (or two!) on the calendar - there's opportunities to drop and run some homecooked goodness, or to send meal delivery services from their fav restaurants with their favorite orders. The series includes Tuesday dinners, Thursday dinners, and Saturday breakfasts, currently April 4th through June 30th. As many of us know, visits with new babies can be hard to coordinate around napping, feeding and sleeping schedules, so let's focus on supporting the Lynams now with nourishment, and let's schedule visits later down the road when they're ready to pop that newborn bubble!

Special Notes

See below for Krista and TJ's: 1. Favorite restaurants and orders 2. Favorite coffee/breakfast orders 3. Likes/Dislikes for home cooked meals ---------- 1. Krista & TJ's favorite restaurants and orders: Jimmy John's - Beach Club for Krista (no cucumbers, extra jimmy peppers, easy onion, easy oregano/basil, cut in half, regular French bread, BBQ chips) - Big John for TJ (as is, with mayo and mustard, regular French bread, jalapeno chips) Q Sushi - Salmon nigiri - Avocado roll - Gyoza - Volcano maki (sub salmon for tuna) Kafe Neo - Lamb gyro - Apollos ancient grain bowl Diamond Knot Brewpub (Mountlake Terrace location) - Black and blue burger with tots - The fundamental burger with fries - Kids crispy chicken bites (side of apple sauce and ketchup as side sauce) Moonsun India Grill - Butter chicken (medium) - Vegetable samosa - Garlic Naan - Chicken coconut (medium) 2. Krista and TJ's favorite coffee/breakfast orders: Krista - Caramel macchiato with oat milk, or vanilla latte with oat milk TJ - vanilla latte with oat milk Food - Breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage - Pastries - Breakfast burritos - Fruit - Honestly, pretty open! 3. Krista & TJ's likes / dislikes: Intolerances: - Lactose Intolerant Likes - Pastas - Salads - Most vegies (especially love roasted beets, roasted carrots, peas, green beans) - Beef - Chicken - Pork - Seafood - Casseroles - Soups - Potatoes in any form! - Pretty open :) Dislikes - Radishes - Eggplant - Heavy use of "heavy cream" or "sour cream" - unless it is delicious Fettucine Alfredo :)

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