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Supporting the Von Arx Family

Houston, MN


JP had a mass removed for a biopsy. After the surgery we found out that mass was cancerous. After a Scan done earlier this year we found that the cancer has spread to the lymph node. There are also a few very small spots on his lungs but the doctor believe those aren’t cancerous yet. JP started Chemotherapy March 8th and continue for the next 3 months. Radiation isn’t an option for him due to the cancer being in so many lymph node. The type of cancer is - Stage IIB seminomas (These seminomas have spread to cause larger lymph nodes and have spread to many different lymph nodes.) Although, this has turned our lives upside down we are trying to stay very optimistic and positive. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers the mean the world to us 🌸

Special Notes

JP opted to stay at home instead of being hospitalized for treatment. It is very important that we keep our home clean and germ free! As much as we’d love a visit at this time we are asking to please drop your love at the door 🌸 or send your love VIA mail! Two of our three little girl love helping with the mail! 9633 Day Valley Dr. Houston MN 

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