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Meals for Bella while I am on bedrest.🥰

Rome, GA


Well as everyone knows I go into surgery next week I should be home on Saturday. Bella and I went and stocked the pantry yesterday but for probably two weeks I don’t think I’m gonna be able to cook her a hot meal. And I hate to know all she’s eating is something out of a can or a bunch of pasta even though she would be thrilled .🤦‍♀️I’d like her to have something a little more special than that. So I thought of some kind of a meal train so Bella can order what she likes everything here in Rome delivers and since we don’t know anybody personally (yet) in Rome I thought this might be a good idea. I know my Katie who lives in Buckhead will help when she can on the weekends but as a nurse she will be limited during the week.

Special Notes

Bella likes the usual teenager stuff: pizza, pasta, Chinese and Mexican foods. Of course Dairy Queen and Chick-fil-A is her favorite! She also likes Olive Garden.:)

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