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Team Evans

Spokane, WA


Danny Evans, the Associate Head Baseball Coach at Gonzaga University is an inspiration to his team, his community, his friends, and most of all his family. Danny and his wife Kellie are always the first to jump in and help anyone in need, without hesitation. Now, the Evans family needs our help. Thursday, May 27, 2021, Danny was rushed to the hospital with severe pain in his lower abdomen. After hours of tests and scans, they discovered spots on his lungs and kidney. A biopsy confirmed our fears that his Melanoma had returned and is in fact stage 4. While Danny battled Melanoma in 2018, it had been removed and he was told the probability of it coming back was low. So this news has come as a huge shock to their family. We know, however, that the Evans family will tackle this head-on. Thanks to their amazing community, they are now connected with some of the country’s top melanoma experts- doctors who are going to start on a treatment plan immediately. Even so, This won’t be easy for any of them. They will need our support to help them through this scary and exhausting time. We know so many of you have asked how you can help, so we have set up a calendar for meals, a place to purchase gift cards for dinners or groceries, or donate funds to offer financial support for whatever their family needs.

Special Notes

The Evans family does not have any food restrictions at this time, however, as they proceed with treatment their dietary needs may change. Currently, they try to keep their diet healthy and enjoy a lot of vegetables, well-rounded meals, and keep sugar at a minimum. Thank you for your consideration of this when meal planning.

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