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Meals for Sherry and her family.

Canon, GA


We would like to help out Sherry, David, Gracie Ann and Garret during this very busy and tiring time.  As you may know following Sherry’s surgery she will have several weeks of daily trips for therapy.  This will be time and energy consuming on their family. Let’s help lighten their load a little by helping them have good meals to keep them fueled during this time. It will also allow Sherry to rest and not have to plan for food. Thank you. 

Special Notes

They like most things with chicken.  Casseroles, spaghetti, most veggies and salads. They do not like onions or pickles. They would be happy to have gift cards for food if you do not wish to send a prepared food.  Along with chicken restaurants they like Subway, BBQ and pizza. 

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