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Support for Aaron, Liz, Maddie and Cameron

Stratford, CT


Hi Everyone, Back in November, my wonderful brother in law, Aaron, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. As you can imagine this was a shock for Aaron, my sister Liz and their two little ones (Maddie, 2 and Cameron, 3 months). As a healthy and vibrant 34 year old you can never imagine hearing this kind of diagnosis from a doctor. Aaron and Liz welcomed their second child and beautiful boy Cameron just 3 weeks before Aaron was diagnosed. Things have happened very quickly since the diagnosis in November, with surgery to remove the cancer in his colon on November 30th, having a port put in on December 26th with chemo starting that same day. It truly has been a whirlwind. Aaron will undergo chemo treatments every other Wednesday that will last for 48 hours until June. The weekends will be spent not feeling well and recovering. So far he has already completed two rounds! The 3rd treatment will begin on Wednesday, January 24th. Aaron, Liz, Maddie and Cameron are so thankful for the support they have gotten so far from friends and family. It’s the support that makes those hard moments manageable. One of the hardest things that Liz and Aaron are facing right now is planning meals for themselves and the kids. With that being said, this page was created to organize the dates that Aaron and Liz need the most help with meals while Aaron recovers from chemo. We know that not everyone is local so dropping off home made meals is not an option. Food delivery services is also something that would help so much and be greatly appreciated by Aaron and Liz. Our main hope is for everyone to rally around Aaron and Liz and show them as much love as possible. We’re counting down the days until June and can’t wait to see Aaron beat this!

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