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Serving the Slayton’s

Lafayette, TN


Hello everyone! Thank you for coming by the care page for the Slayton family. Baby S will be arriving very soon and there are several things that mom and dad will be needing help with, and would greatly appreciate a helping hand along the way. I do ask that you please be mindful of the parents if you visit and do not make your visit solely about wanting to see the baby. He needs his bonding time with mom and dad and we promise you’ll get your visiting time. Some things that could be very helpful along the way as they’re adjusting to their new lifestyle: 1- Getting Hazel on and off the school bus or to and from school another way. 2- Meals. Mom won’t have time to cook, and any meal is appreciated. Meals that can be frozen and reheated such as soups, stir fry’s, pastas, chili, etc. will be great. But any meal is appreciated! 3- Cleaning the house! This will be a big one. Mom (and dad) is going to need to shower and nap when she gets a chance, and someone being there to help with these chores is going to help tremendously. 4- Taking care of the cats. Let’s be real, neither one of them are going to feel like dealing with this for a few weeks and someone to help will be much appreciated! (Feeding, water and litter box cleaning) Please remember to be mindful of the parents and call before you visit, even if it’s on the calendar. Thank you!

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