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Love for the Garcia Mamas

Somerville, MA


Gabby and Javi have brightened our lives with their love and laughter! This fall they are going to add a little bit more joy into the world when little Santi arrives. Being a mama is hard but it can be a bit easier with a meal train. A meal train is a calendar that the new mamas make with little ways they could use our help (mainly through meals they inhale between 20-minute naps and diaper changes 😅). When they say that raising a kid takes a village, that means us! For those of us that don't have a lot of time (or the culinary inclination) to make a meal, gift cards are also really appreciated. Can't wait to greet the newest lil Garcia ❤️

Special Notes

Shellfish allergy! Not picky eaters otherwise, we love it all; Thai, Italian, BBQ, Greek, Mexican, "American", and just about everything else. Thanks!!

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