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Abigail Annelee Williford has officially entered our worldly lives!

Winterville, NC


You probably know, John and I will be first-time parents!! While we are beyond ecstatic, we know our lives will be drastically changing and all for the best that life has to offer!! I have put together this Meal Train Calendar in hopes that it will be an easy way for family and friends alike to help here and there with a meal, at least for the first few weeks while we are figuring out our new groove as a family of 3!!! Any help is certainly appreciated, but not a must! While we all need to be fed, and I know we will not go hungry, I am also concerned about household chores getting done (I'm OCD and I can't help it)!! I know John is capable to tackle it all, but he may get a little overwhelmed when it is ALL up to him!?! I'll do my best to help, of course! We have the best support system a couple could ask for! We love you and Thank you 😊

Special Notes

We do not have any specific dietary restrictions! However, healthier wholesome meals will help keep our strength 💪 and minds healthy too!! We would love to have you visit, but please call or text first! It would be difficult to have a nice visit if everyone is here at once! It also may be a couple of days before more than immediate family should visit! Again, this is all new territory for John and I! Thank you so much for being the support 💗 team we are so grateful 🙏 for and understanding the new and exciting times ahead!!

Care Calendar