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Supporting the Grahams

Gilbert, AZ


Dr. Graham is one of a kind. I first had the pleasure of meeting her in 2014 just as I was moving out to Arizona. She was one of the docs working at a group of veterinary practices that I had just been hired at. She was incredibly friendly, smart, kind, and absolutely hilarious. You knew at the very least she could make your day better with a witty joke. I ended up covering for her quite a bit while she was out on maternity leave with her son, so actually working with her, our days weren’t frequent. The other doctors admired her and you could tell her clients wanted her back ASAP. Time separated us for a bit, then I had the pleasure of doing a working interview with her at another clinic. She had mentioned that her son didn’t really want to spend time with her as much. He only wanted dad to do everything. She cut her hours to try and be home more but that still wasn’t working much. Once COVID hit she took the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, lovingly referring to Chris as her “sugar daddy.” Earlier this year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was going to do everything in her power to try and stop it. She finished chemo, made it through surgery and radiation and was just waiting on the final surgery for implants. She started acting strange and was rushed to the ER. Unfortunately due to the spacers put in she had to have surgery to remove those before she could have the CT scan. Swelling was found in her brain and was ultimately diagnosed with West Nile Virus and likely wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon from anesthesia. This was in September and we’re still waiting for any news.

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