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The Shepherd’s newest addition!

San Luis Obispo, CA


Our church family is blessed to have the Shepherd’s as our pastors. Let’s show some love and support by signing up for a meal as they bring home baby Adeline! When you have a new baby, every little bit helps. 

Special Notes

Some meal ideas they enjoy are pasta, salads, BBQ, baked macaroni and cheese. As for restaurants or places to eat (or they have Door Dash if people just want to do a gift card) they like Taco Bell, Big Sky Cafe, Splash, High Street Deli, Five Guys, Black Sheep, Shalimar, Firestone, Mo’s BBQ, Sushi Kokku, or Woodstock Pizza. Some things to avoid are soups and fish! Also PLEASE NOTE that their dishwasher is currently broken. If you are dropping off something homemade, please use disposable containers and maybe even throw in paper plates and cutlery 😉

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