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Welcome Baby Freya



Requesting assistance of all kinds in the weeks during and after Freya's arrival. Any and all assistance is appreciated as Andrew and Catherine fumble their way through new parenthood. Thank you in advance for your help and act of kindness for the Woolen family.

Special Notes

We welcome visitors to our home but please call or text Andrew or Catherine first prior to visiting. Once you arrive, please text either Andrew or Catherine directly since Catherine and Andrew will have two crazy dogs and a newborn. We are requesting at least one meal a day that Andrew and Catherine can eat on so we won't have to worry about cooking anything too in depth. Thank you! Food preferences: Catherine hates peas, Andrew hates brussel sprouts or strong greens like collared greens. Nothing extremely spicy since Catherine will be nursing as well as it's a personal preference, healthier/low carb options are appreciated but not mandatory.

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