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Welcome to the world baby Killian 💗 Congrats Beatriz and Nate!!

Oregon city, OR


Please welcome baby Killian into this world!! 👶And let's show love to the new parents Nate and Beatriz!! 💗 bringing a new baby home is exciting but lots of new changes! What better way to help then to provide yummy food, Let's help out so it's one less worry on their minds! And less mess to clean up ❤️ Any and all help is appreciated 👶

Special Notes

+ please wear your masks+ -Please no dairy products can use( lactose free milk and margarine like earth balance) -Maybe not to spicy foods -not to fond of banana bread and chocolate cake but other chocolate items are perfect 😋 * Kindly make enough food for 4 people( if you can) without having to much left overs please. Thank you!*

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