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Help Natalie after her return from the hospital

Atwater, OH


Natalie has been in the hospital since Wednesday August 25th. She was told she had a 6mm kidney stone on Sunday and by Wednesday it was up to 9mm. She had a stent placed on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning they told her it had caused an infection that went to her blood stream. Her husband just informed me that she is definitely not coming home today and at this point they don’t know when she will be released as they have informed him that she is septic and running a high fever. We are trying to help make things smooth and easy for them when they finally get home with their 3 children. We do not want them to have to worry about much when she gets home. Meal deliveries, gift cards for groceries, donations, snacks, anything that can help lighten the load for her and her husband Paul would be greatly appreciated. As I don’t know when she will be released please check back for updates for anyone who would like to make a home cooked meal to drop off for them.

Special Notes

Her husband states there are no food allergies for any of them!

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