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Support the Lewis Family as They Care for Natalie

Palmdale, CA


Five-year-old Natalie Lewis is the rare combination of strong and loving, courageous and tender, smart and humble. She loves her family, considers everyone her friend, and has a remarkable trust in Jesus. Few can fill a room with joy like Natalie. Everywhere she goes, she always seems to make sure people leave with a smile and joy in their hearts. Natalie is compassionate to all—from being the "little mommy" to her 11-month-old baby brother to being a much-needed friend to a new girl on the brink of tears in her Sunday school class. She's a girly girl who always wants to be wearing a dress, her little high heels, and have her hair done and nails painted. Natalie faces life with pure joy and excitement but now she finds herself fighting an unthinkable battle. While on the outside Natalie looks like most five-year-olds, she suffers from Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Her condition was discovered when she was just a few months old and although taking medication several times a day has temporarily managed it, her parents have always know that heart surgery was in her future. On Friday morning, April 2, sweet Natalie Lewis was taken in for a cardiac ablation to correct her arrhythmia. This was supposed to be an outpatient surgery and she was supposed to be home later that day but unfortunately, her heart was perforated and stopped beating during the surgery. After 15 minutes of CPR and emergency surgery, her heart was restarted and her life was spared. She is currently in intensive care as the medical staff attempts to discover the extent of the damage, especially in her brain. There are so many unknowns about the road ahead but we know that the Lewis family won’t be traveling down that road alone. As a body of believers, we will be there to support Curtis, Deann, Titus (8), Natalie (5), Haven (3), and Colton (almost 1) through whatever God lays out before them. We are asking first and foremost for your prayers. Please be in fervent prayer for God to heal Natalie. Pray for courage, faith, and patience for her family. Pray that the Gospel would be spread and that God would be glorified. We are confidently pleading to God for a miracle and fully trust that He is capable at any moment to completely heal and restore Natalie. We also know and trust that He is good no matter the outcome. For the latest prayer needs, please visit her Facebook group ( Additionally, we do not want finances to add to any burden on the Lewis family. If you would like to support them financially it would be greatly appreciated. Any funds donated will be used for Natalie’s treatment, her recovery, and her long-term care and well-being. As Natalie's treatment and recovery continue, we will have a clearer picture of the needs that may arise. The financial goal may be changed in the future if the Lewis family's needs exceed the original goal.

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