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Supporting the Sinor Family

Grand Junction, CO


Supporting the Sinor family is to help a friend and her family in celebrating the life of their father and grandfather, Robert. Robert (who went by Red), lived in Naples, Florida. We are trying to raise funds for her to travel to Naples and have a memorial service for him in early April. It would be great if her sons and mother could travel with her. Christy is a full time single mom to her three boys and works full time to provide for them. Christy is a friend to all, she is willing to help anyone who needs it, and lives as a testament to kindness and Jesus. Any support is so greatly appreciated as they could use it all in this difficult time. Meals are always forgotten about during stressful periods like this and are always helpful. Anything is so greatly appreciated. Let's lift her and her family up with the power of love and generosity.

Special Notes

Gluten Free!! Gluten Allergy in home! Please provide gluten free options if at all possible! Please send a text or get in touch before thinking of visiting! Christy works full time and is a full time single mom to three boys!

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