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Meal Train for Alli, Drew and Rosie

Daphne, AL


Thank you so much for visiting the Meal Train for Alli, Drew and baby Rosie! We are so excited to welcome Rosie into the world and are so thankful for your willingness to help their family by providing a meal! We know Alli and Drew have family and friends near and far so we've provided options for dropping off meals in person, arranging for meals to be picked up and also for meals to be delivered. Please text Alli at (251) 458-9709 with any questions. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity!

Special Notes

Please have meals delivered to 8160 County Road 64, Apt 1024, Daphne AL 36526 between 5:30 - 6:30 pm. Disposable containers are preferable so that Alli and Drew don't have to worry about returning containers to the correct person, but if bringing your own container please label it with your name if possible. When you or the delivery person are on their way, please text Alli at (251) 458-9709. Please kindly understand that while Alli and Drew can't wait for you to meet Rosie, visitors are not preferred at this time while they are settling in as a family of three and while Rosie is developing her immune system! We understand that many of you want to help by providing a meal, but don't live in the Daphne area. Know that gift cards to Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash are much appreciated so that Alli and Drew can order food to be delivered, but we have also listed some to go meals below that you can order for them. Please have them delivered if possible, but if not, please place the order and text Drew the details of when to pick up the food. If sending a gift card, please feel free to sign up for a specific day and then send the gift card through this website. Please text Alli with any gift card questions. While our new family of three would love home cooked food, we have also provided a few preferences for to go/delivery options: Mellow Mushroom - Drew likes jalapeño and pepperoni - Alli likes black olives and ground beef - cheesy bread Chick-fil-A - Spicy deluxe chicken sandwich meal, no tomato - Grilled chicken cool wrap with fries - Chick-fil-A sauce and ketchup Chicken salad chick - Jazzy Julie on white bread, no tomato, toasted with a side of broccoli salad - Jazzy Julie on white bread, no tomato, toasted with a side of Mac and cheese Rock and Roll Sushi - Chili pepper roll and Jailhouse roll - Kiss roll and spicy shrimp roll - Side of fried rice and miso soup

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