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Love for the growing Pavoldi family

Saratoga, NY


Hello friends and family❤️ Maybe it’s the Greek in me but I can’t think of a better way to show our love and support to Nick&Chanel than putting dinner on their table.    There is definitely NO obligation of being part of this, and if you got this invitation from me it's only because I know you like to show love with food, and most of you have shown the same kindness and love to our family when we had Elektra and/or when we got sick this winter. Unless Chanel and Nick put something else as a request for help on this platform, I created this as an easier way to drop off some food once baby is here, and to avoid maybe getting too many things in the same day. That way we can make sure the first couple days that they become a family of six, Chanel and Nick don't have to worry about dinner.

Special Notes

"Dinner" can be anything, from a beautiful loaf of bread to a pot of soup or pizza. All this is mostly about showing our support even though we can't all be together. Jim and I send our love to everyone!!

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