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Support for Joan

Waterford, MI


This page is to show Joan support and care during her treatments. Joan was diagnosed with stage 3 undifferentiated endometrial carcinoma. Her doctors believe the spread is extensive and will require multiple rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. The port button will be implanted on Wednesday, September 29th and the first treatment of chemo will happen on Tuesday, October 5th. Her treatments will go through January of 2022. Joan's sister Carolyn will be coming out to care for her after the first round of chemo. We are hoping that family and friends will use this page to help during subsequent treatments but also to stay informed and offer help when available. Feel free to call or send messages to Joan. However, please understand that she may not be able to get back to you during this challenging time.

Special Notes

"I have endured pain and loss, I have felt broken, I have known hardship and I have felt lost and alone. But here I stand, trying to move forward, one day at a time. I will remember these lessons in life because they are making me the person I am. Stronger. A warrior."

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