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The Anderson Family

Grain Valley, MO


Update! Heather and family has made the tough decision to move Ben to a hospice house. They can really use all the love and support we have now. We really appreciate all the help that has been given so far. Gift cards from DoorDash/Grubhub or Target have been such a great help to the family. Team Anderson supports Ben and Heather and their 3 teenage boys on their cancer fighting journey. Ben was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer last summer and has been undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. Ben has recently lost his ability to drive and Heather has been working long hours. They have hungry teenagers that they need to cook for and don’t have the extra time in the day! They are needing help with some of the normal things we all take for granted like grocery shopping and cooking dinner. Right now we want to have a few nights a week where meals are already planned, cooked and ready to go. This would help take some of the load off. Let’s rally and show them how very loved they are! I will update this page as their needs change.

Special Notes

No beans or sausage. They will eat pretty much anything else! Please try to stick to meals that are ready to serve or can be easily heated up or thrown together. Also easy things that the boys can cook, packaged snacks or even Grubhub/Door Dash gift cards would be great. We want this to be as easy as possible.