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Love for Laura

Germantown, TN


As most of you know, my sister Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer in October. Based on testing, she will be having a double mastectomy plus reconstruction on January 24. Decisions about chemo and/or radiation will depend upon further testing after surgery. Her mother-in-law, Gisela Pickett will be staying at her home for the first part, then her friend Mara (good friend from Atlanta) and then Kelsey (also from Atlanta, but went to high school and Auburn with Laura).

Special Notes

All that Laura knows that they will need currently is meals. She loves home cooked meals, and she and Alex are trying to be healthy - lots of lean meats, veggies, fruits, etc. They enjoy Greek, Italian, Indian, Asian, Mexican- lots of ethnic foods. One thing that she has trouble tolerating are meals with heavy cream/dairy. Butter is fine, just not cream based meals. She does love (like really love) cake :) Ben is quite fond of blackened catfish and fried okra. Alex will eat almost anything. If you prefer to do restaurants, Taziki's, Wolf River Brisket, Soul Fish, Rock-N-Dough (Laura loves the Super Freak), Van Elli's, Urban Fusion, Royal Panda - these are just a few places they frequent. Did I mention cake? Feel free to contact Alex, Ben, or myself (901) 652-2659 if you have any questions. Thank you! Their address is: 8380 Hickory Glen Drive Germantown, TN 38138

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