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Alex's New Kidney! (Support through recovery)

Austin, TX


Alex has been in renal failure for over two years. In an amazingly beautiful story, he's been lucky enough to receive a donation from a stranger who heard his story and went to get tested. In a plot twist that sounds like it's from a movie, she also matched another person whose potential donor wasn't quite as good, and that donor is a great match for Alex as well! Two lives will be saved on 7/15!!! KXAN did an awesome piece on the story! However, Alex has been unable to work since January. In February, he was in the hospital twice for fluid in his lungs from his at-home dialysis failing and backing up into his body and ultimately needed surgery to heal. His partner, Olive, has expended all of her paid time off for the year already. And they have collectively depleted all of their savings, retirement, and have been selling anything they have of value to make ends meet - up to and including trying to avoid eviction. Recovery is going to be rough for their little family and they are going to need funding and support. Especially since his brother, who is Autistic, also lives with them and will still need help getting food while they're in the hospital in San Antonio (they do have a deep freezer to store meals), and getting to and from work. They also have two beautiful Pitt Bulls. Please see the funding options here to kick in and the meal train calendar to help support. (Note: there is a GoFundMe page AND a FB fundraiser but both eats a lot of the cost. You can donate directly through Paypal here if you don't want to do gift cards.) We will post updates here on surgery day and afterward.

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