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About Lands Family Love

UPDATE 11/16/18:   Amie successfully completed her chemo and radiation treatment on OCTOBER 29th!!! Ultimately, she endured three rounds of chemo and 6 weeks of daily radiation. The chemo went as expected with experiencing heavy nausea and making food difficult to tolerate. The radiation therapy included an enormous burn on her tongue making speech painful and eating solid food impossible. She transitioned to a liquid diet via the mouth during that time and is slowly integrating soft foods again. Now, begins recovery. Month 1 has the sole focus of physical recovery for the radiation burns on her neck and throat. She relies on pain meds to manage pain and Ativan for anxiety. As someone who is not a fan of medications (unless necessary) her goal is to wean as she is able. Months 2 and 3 will focus on replenishing what her body has depleted in terms of energy, minerals and nutrients. This is an intense time of combatting the effects of chemo and radiation so that her long term effects are minimized. Months 4-6 will be the reintegration of normal life. After her PET scan in January, her team of doctors will determine if she is able to return to work. Months 7-12 will be focused on anything that lingers and needs support whether that be energy, physical therapy, etc. And from there, life will continue to be whatever normal has become. The Lands family thanks you endlessly. Your support has enabled them to be fed, Amie to get to appointments, the boys to always have comfortable childcare, and all medical payments paid. Please check the Care Calendar to best help the Lands family with meals or to donate financial support during recovery. (Must be logged in to do so.) BACKGROUND:  Amie was diagnosed with a head and neck cancer on June 19th. The primary cancer was on her tonsil and included lymph nodes on the right side of her neck but determined to be isolated to that region only. Her treatment included two surgeries; removing all right lymph nodes, a radical tonsillectomy, chemo, and radiation. This page has been created to offer support to Amie's family of Chris, Reid, and Adam. It will be kept updated with the most current medical aspect of this journey. Amie updates her blog on an as-needed basis at:

Special Notes: 

MEALS: Amie’s doctors have encouraged weight gain through nutrient dense food by avoiding refined sugars and eating primarily an organic diet, including grass-fed local meats. DONATE: All the things listed below will continue for a minimum 3 months DURING RECOVERY and are truly healing Amie’s mind, body, soul but they are additional WEEKLY expenses that insurance will not cover. $500/wk Naturopath oncologist $100/wk Chiropractic $40/wk Acupuncture $600/wk Chris reduced work day $50/wk extra childcare for Adam $60/wk extra childcare for Reid Thankfully, the family’s insurance annual premium has been met for 2018 so there should not be any surprises from Kaiser at this point. In January, the $1,500 deductible will start over. The Lands family want to be completely transparent in all things financial. This is how your donations are being spent. At this point, you have financed every treatment and they continue to be so grateful. Log in to see/use the yellow PayPal button to send financial love. All money received will support Amie's healing journey for all the reasons listed above and this will continue to be updated as needs change and are eliminated.