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Food for Lisa & Mike during Chemo

Phoenix, AZ


From Lisa's FB Page: "So another day in life’s journey. MBC can’t keep me down. Staying strong every step of the way. The COVID year brought me several chemo changes and new tumors in my lung, liver, spine, and brain. Currently on Verzinio, with GOOD scans on Tuesday….many tumors shrunk by 50 percent. Brain tumor grew a bit. Had surgery on Wednesday—installed an Ommaya device. It is a port into my right ventricular to inject chemotherapy directly into my brain as well as test CFS, without doing a spinal tap. I will continue my oral chemo 2x daily, and start brain chemo. 2x weekly at Mayo. We are very optimistic that this new cocktail will keep me going and keep neurological progression at bay a bit longer. My quality of life is most important. Hoping to get back to agility 100 percent. So excited to team with Skadi. With the assistance on Kristina and Mike, Skadi makes her debut Thursday evening, into hoopers and barreled. So excited Thor and I are making progress in getting certified and approved to start Support Therapy. His agility career is nearing an end after double TPLO and several revision surgeries. We are hoping this fall to get 1 Touch n Go for a V-Natch. So sorry for the long post. I’m staying STRONG with the assistance of a wonderful husband, great children, brother, granddaughter and amazing friends. Mayo is an amazing medical facility, but I tell you getting educated and being your own advocate is super important."

Special Notes

Her friends want to provide food for her and Mike. He will be busy caring for her and the pups and we hope it will help relieve some stress for them to have good food to eat during her brain chemo. It will last for 4-6 weeks I believe. Not sure of the schedule YET, but will update it as soon as we know for sure. ***IF you have trouble adding to the calendar...just email me your date and food choice. This app will only allow a few people to have access :(

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