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Supporting the Gaxiola’s

Fullerton, CA


My best friends parents and brother have been sick with covid the last week and a half or so. Her parents found her brother (35) deceased in his room early Friday morning (aug 13). Her mother was rushed to the hospital by ambulance shortly after because she couldn’t breathe and today (aug 15) her father, who had been home alone the past few days still fighting covid, was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. This is a trying time for my friend. She’s still trying to process the loss of her little brother, take care of her 4 kids and keep up to speed in both her parents conditions as well as figuring out her brothers services. God is good. He will see her through this. She’s not asking for help. But I as her friend am reaching out for help ti help her. She’s a loving giving person and deserves support during these trying uncertain times she is enduring.

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