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Nichols, Stuber, Wentworth family support

Minneapolis, MN


Nick passed away on March 31, 2021 unexpectedly of septic endocarditis (infection of the heart) causing a cranial hemmorage. He had been sick for three months showing signs of dementia, severe weight loss, and tiredness. He agreed to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a diagnosis. While there he developed an infection in his heart. This was causing clots in his kidneys and spleen. While we knew he was sick and his prognosis was looking more grim then we’d been praying for, we sincerely expected to bring him home for however long he had left to live. Unfortunately, the infection was spreading to quickly and when it reached his brain it caused a hemmorage which led to his quick but peaceful passing. Throughout the three months of him being sick, Kim had spent 6 weeks in Alaska helping to care for him.  When the decision was made to bring him to the Mayo Clinic, both Karen and Nick had to fly direct to Minneapolis as he couldn’t handle transfers.  They stayed with Jeremy, Kim and Alisha for one week before going to the Mayo Clinic for what was expected to be a three day visit. It turned into 9 days. Karina purchased a last minute ticket to Minneapolis and arrived to Rochester just four hours before receiving the call. Meanwhile, Micheal and Lexi have stayed behind in Alaska to care for Karina’s three boys and their own, plus the dog.  Between all of the unexpected flight expenses, nine days in a hotel, and home health equipment savings is dwindling quickly. We appreciate any financial blessing through GoFund Me or PayPal.  Any unused donations will be paid forward. 

Special Notes

Kim is gluten free and Karen doesn’t tolerate green peppers or broccoli well. Kim prefers no mushrooms, but is happy to pick them out.  Drop off any time is okay, just text Kim at (763) 248-3986 ahead of time.   If you would like to provide play date or sleepover opportunities for any of Karina’s boy’s you can text her at (907) 315-0991. 

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