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Welcome to the World, Lilly!

San Antonio, TX


Sweet Lilly Grace-Brooks Keller will be making her appearance to the world on January 28th. While this is a little sooner than mom and dad expected, we are so thankful for Rachel and Lilly's health as we welcome this little answered prayer earthside! As Rachel and Drew adjust to their new lives as a family of three, let's take a little pressure off of, "What's for dinner?" and bless them with meals to carry them through this new season. Due to a rise in COVID cases and as our number one priority is to keep the Keller family healthy, we are only encouraging takeout meals from a restaurant (for those who are local) or gift cards from the suggested places included in their give in kind page. You can choose to either support Drew, Rachel, and Lilly by clicking 'From Wishlist' or 'From Calendar'.

Special Notes

Takeout Meals will be primarily drop off only. Thank you for understanding and making Drew, Rachel, and Lilly's health in this season a priority!

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