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Love for Debbi

Fort Worth, TX


As most of you know, Debbi Nichols is one tough broad. This rude disease called Cancer keeps trying to mess with her, but she is having none of that! Debbi is home from the hospital and resting. The Whipple surgery was a success and Dr. Gogel says he got all of the cancer. (AMAZING!). We know a lot of you are looking to help, so we set up this page to let everyone see what was needed and select where you can help best. Everyone's support, love & prayers have been the best blessing we could ask for and have gotten Debbi to the point she is at today. So, thank you. thank you all for what you have already done. If you can not bring anything by, you can still help. Just keep praying for a quick and good recovery. The Nichols family loves you all!

Special Notes

REMINDER: Debbi has type 2 diabetes so all food that is brought should be diabetic friendly. She is not a picky eater other than that.

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