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Hines Family

Greensboro, NC


This page was created for Lisa and Chris by family with love to be able to take the burden of meals off of their shoulders as they journey together moving forward through this time of healing. We are setting up meals for them for the next 6 weeks. Delivery Instructions: If delivering food in person, we ask that all hot food items be placed in the designated hot foot cooler and all cold items be placed in the designated cold food cooler at the front door. Then ring the doorbell once to notify of delivery. Food restrictions are as follows…NO: Seafood, Sesame Seed Green Peas, Mushrooms, Honey Cashews, Radish, Egg Plant, Beets Bell Pepper, Spinach, Turmeric, Collards,.

Special Notes

Lisa and Chris have asked for no visitors at this time please!! If you would like to send flowers or condolences, please send to address below with instruction to ring doorbell once and leave item at front porch. Chris & Lisa Hines 2402 Cottage Place Greensboro NC 27455

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