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Thanks for the Mammories

Charlotte, NC


Shari has been diagnosed with the BRCA2 mutation and will undergo a bilateral mastectomy on July 8th. She will bravely be kicking cancer's ass before it has a chance to kick hers. She is doing this for her family, her health, for the future, and for LIFE.   

Special Notes

Shari and fam are not picky eaters. Some of their favs are Asian and Italian.   No spicy food please :)  Allergies: Shari is allergic to all red meat and fresh garlic. Garlic is ok if it already in the meal, just no extra please! As a side note, please text Mike when you drop off food if you are preparing something so they can make sure to get it inside. If you need his number please contact me. Lastly, if you are preparing food please pack in disposable dishes or something you don’t need back. This will lessen the stress for Shari and Mike so they don’t have to keep track of people’s dishes! Thank you thank you so much! 

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