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Supporting Tracy during her Surgery/Recovery

San Antonio, TX


Hi guys! I'm still learning to navigate this forum. I'm not trying to be confusing. I put a big time variable for dog walking help so you knew we were flexible about time. It's just to help 1 or 2 pups per visit. One of my peeps would meet you outside with a leashed pup- it can be overwhelming to meet 8 dogs inside. Also, dinner preferences are not too picky. I just assume I won't like too spicy. Also, my team might. Lastly, if Chris is not home, please leave food by the door. It's crazy with 8 dogs (I assume) to visit. The dogs will let us know you're here & my bestie or daughter will come get it in a minute. Feel free to text me, too. I assume I'll be using my arms & phone, but I'm not sure. I hope this makes sense.

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