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Love for Jaynes Journey

Shephardsville, KY


Welcome to my journey. As most of you know i was diagnosed with breast cancer in feb 2021. I also have a gene mutation that caused it whivh is heriditary and i have a 50% chance of passing it on to my 4 kids. My family has been emotional and heartbroke. Doctors recommended i have a bilateral mysectomy which will take place june 2nd. The hardest parts of this journey so far is my kids seeing mom in a state they have never seen me because mom is superwoman and can do everything which come soon mom will be down and will not be able to even shower herself. Also the fact i could possibly have passed on a mutation to my kids hurts to the core. We all wish our kids inherited good traits from us and yet we never think of the bad traits. With this i feel so much anger at myself even though i know i cant control what i could possibly pass down. I have 4 beautiful kids. Through this whole journey i never want them to ever feel i have been defeated because mom is supposed to make every situation good. So that is what i am trying to do. I am trying to ask for help and have a situation under control so my kids do not see mom not taking care of mom business anymore. With that said travis willl be working and taking care of me as much as he can and trying to tend to our kids. I started this page to keep others informed and also ask for help in kids dept. Moms meals will not be there and i am asking if anyone would like to chose 1 day to cook a meal and bring to the kids would be awesome. I am also asking that anyone just reach out to my kids and ask them how they are doing. I am not asking much but to my kids i want to show reguardless of my situation mom still has it under control when it comes to normal everyday stuff. We will have schedules around the house for the kids on when they do their laundry and dishes and trash and anything else that needs to be done. I feel this is asking so much from them while they watch me go through surgery and treatments. They always said it takes a village and right now i will be needing that village. If anyday while i am recovering you would like to cook or anyday you would like to reach out to the kids and travis and ask how they are it would be appreciated. Travis will have the weight of the world on his shoulders and for all of them i want to loosen that weight.

Special Notes

No one has any allergies to any foods. Doesnt have to be large meals. Spaghetti will do. I want to say thank you in advance for lending a hand to my family when we will need it most. Please dont forget a phone call or text to any of them tp ask how they are because they are going through it also.

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