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Team Lisa G.

Maple Grove, MN


Our dear friend, Lisa Gaulrapp, was diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma (Cancer of the linings of the heart and lungs, caused by asbestos exposure). This spring, we found out that our long time friend, Lisa Gaulrapp, was diagnosed with cancer. When we found out we knew for sure that the cancer was pretty bad and had spread to her stomach, but there was a chance that it was only in one lung and that a surgery to remove the cancer in her stomach and part of the right lung could could significantly reduce the cancer, and maybe even get rid of it. But after another surgery, we learned that the cancer was in both lungs. Now Lisa is on a immunotherapy that helps to suppress the cancer growth. Lisa needs her treatments for the rest of her life. Lisa's treatments are costly, and she will need them to keep the cancer at bay for the rest of her life. These treatments have made Lisa very ill and she has days where she doesn't have much energy and has been extremely tired. Lisa no longer can work and her doctor bills are continuing to add up. This has been very stressful!

Special Notes

Thanks so much in your interest to feed Lisa and Mike (Lisa's husband). Mike has Ulcerative Colitis and has a very restricted diet during flare ups (which he is currently experiencing due to the stress of all this), and Lisa has been feeling a bit nauseous from her treatments, so bland chicken based meals are a big portion of what they eat. I have dinners listed on the calendar every night, but since Lisa and Mike aren't always feeling well, it can work better to make individual portions that can be frozen and reheated for couple of nights. For example, if you make a large chicken dinner with potatoes, you could make 4 to 6 individual serving containers (meals) which would cover 2 to 3 nights of dinner. Also, Lisa has said that lunches are her best meal, so if you can bring meals early in the day that would be preferred. Restrictions: Keep spices to a minimum, salt is okay. Minimize Dairy or use dairy alternatives. Low sugar- as sugar is inflammatory Spices that are okay: Rosemary, Thyme, oregano, turmeric If giving fruit- avoid fruits with seeds, like berries Processed fruit may be better (canned, apple sauce) use minimal to no garlic/ onion- powdered spices may be okay Avoid fiberous veggies like Celery, leafy greens, and avocados No chocolate or nuts Meal ideas: Chicken soup Chicken and Potatoes Chicken and rice Turkey- ground or breast Plain Turkey sandwich: White breads- no whole grain Lean pork- like chops or tenderloin Pre-marinaded meat for them to put on the grill- avoid marinades with pepper corns or anything spicy ( some ideas: herb chicken, teriyaki) Cook all veggies until soft. Quick breakfast foods like banana bread (no nuts or chocolate, use white flour no multi-grain), apple muffins, pre-made pancakes or waffles that can be frozen and toasted. Eggs are a good choice. Omelette muffins that are pre-made and can be frozen, an egg bake with lean turkey sausage may be okay.

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